Thank You Teacher!!!

Well it's back to school time for our kiddos, so at The Cutting Cafe we are creating projects using PENCIL or APPLE TREAT CUP or PENCIL OR APPLE SHAPED CARD. I decided to create a thank you note for the teacher. Being a preschool teacher myself, I just love getting little notes from my students. We all love feeling appreciated. So this school year, encourage your children to express appreciation towards the people who have dedicated their lives to teach and guide our future generations.
Thank you Teachers!!!


Hot Cocoa...just for you!

This week at The Cutting Cafe we are preparing for one of our favorite holidays....CHRISTMAS! It's the time of giving so I created a gift that can be given to teachers, neighbors, co-workers, friends and family. Everyone loves to sip on a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter's night.  I hope I inspired you to start creating gifts from the heart this Christmas season. Let the countdown begin.....

Glass Jar
Hot Cocoa Mix
3 Small Pines Cones
Foam Tape

Happy 5 Month Birthday...BIRTHDAY BOY!!!!!

This weeks challenge at The Cutting Cafe is to use any image but to SUPER SIZE it. I chose to create a layout for my son's 5 month birthday. I used 5 images from The Cutting Cafe to create this page; SUPER SIZING the gift box and the Birthday Boy image. Have fun creating a SUPER SIZE project of your own!


You COLOR my world...with LOVE

This weeks challenge at The Cutting Cafe is to use one image from the You Color My World Printable Stamp Set. I created a scrapbook page of the people in my life who fill my world with color by their amazing love. Who colors your world?



The Cutting Cafe is celebrating the 4th of July! Come create a fun and festive project using many  cute printable stamps and cutting files. Have a fun and safe holiday with your friends and family. 
Red, White & Blue Paper
Black Ink

Sentiment Stems & Flower Tops

This week at The Cutting Cafe we are creating projects using the Sentiment Stems & Flower Tops Printable Stamp Set. I was inspired to create a garden of flowers focusing on LOVE; true unconditional pure LOVE that lasts for eternity <3
Diamond Glaze Adhesive
Diamond Dust
Snow Flakes
Foam Tape

Lucky BIG Expression

This week at The Cutting Cafe, we are focusing on BIG EXPRESSIONS so I decided to create a St. Patrick's Day card using the Lucky BIG Expression
~May your troubles be less and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door~

St Patricks Day Think Green Printable Stamp Set
Gold and Green Gemstones

Bendi Sweetheart Card

Bendi cards are the projects we are focusing on this week at The Cutting Cafe. With Valentine's Day coming around the corner, I had to create a card for my sweetheart, Roman. I hope I inspired you to create a fun card for your love <3
Heart Punches
Gold Ink

Let it Snow

We are in the Christmas spirit here at The Cutting Cafe, and we are creating projects inspired by the best time of year...Christmas. I designed a Christmas card for my lovely husband to remind him how much I still and will always love his kisses and unconditional love for me. Don't forget to shower your love with snowflake kisses this holiday season!

Winter Bingo Card Printable Set
Christmas Bag Toppers - Templates & Cutting Files

With Graditude

This weeks challenge at The Cutting Cafe is to create a project for Thanksgiving focusing on gratitude. With much gratitude this year for the health of my father who struggled last year with health issues and two major surgeries, which I feared the worst. Thanks be to God for healing my father so that he can witness, love and play with his soon to be grandchild (my baby). Thank you God for my supportive husband, my amazingly loving daughter, my parents and my brother who always show me and my family so much love. Nothing in the world means more than love and family! What are you thankful for?


Welcome Fall

This weeks challenge at The Cutting Cafe is to create an Autumn project. I decided to create a Happy Fall Wall Decor to enjoy each Autumn. Visit The Cutting Cafe for more Autumn project ideas. 

Colored Pencils
Distressed Ink
8X10 Canvas

Birthday Folder Box

This weeks challenge at The Cutting Cafe is to create a File Folder Box Holder. I decided to create a Birthday Folder Box to hold all my blank birthday cards.  
Happy Birthday and Un-Birthday to you ALL!!!

Birthday Paper
Wooden "Celebrate" sign
Red Ribbon
Foam Tape
Double-Sided Tape


This weeks challenge at The Cutting Cafe is to create a project using ELISHA JEAN AND FRIENDS SETS. I decided to create a card for Christmas using the CHRISTMAS ELISHA JEAN AND FRIENDS...PRINTABLE STAMPS. All I want for Christmas is YOU!!!

Christmas Paper
Diamond Dust
Pastel Chalks

You're One Awesome Kid Note Pad

This weeks challenge at The Cutting Cafe was to create either a mini note pad and card set or a post it note box and cover set. I decided to create my daughter Joy a note pad where she can share her thoughts, so she can remember how awesome she really is :0)



30 Sheets of White Papers
Burlap Paper
Album Rings
Tacky Glue
Foam Tape

Back to School

This week at The Cutting Cafe, Regina Easter asked her Design Team to create a project from any set. I decided to create a project for BACK TO SCHOOL! Here in Arizona, the children return to school at the end of July (way too soon). My favorite elementary school memories were during recess while playing with my friends. Th good old days! I hope I motivated you to start thinking of back to school projects as well :0)

8X10 White Canvas
Black Acrylic Paint
BlackLeather Ribbon
Foam tape

Christmas in July

At The Cutting Cafe it's beginning to look like Christmas! So the challenge this week is to create a project for Christmas. I decided to create a Christmas Planner to start preparing for the holidays. It will be here before we know it! I hope I inspired you to start your holiday preparations early this year so you may enjoy the true meaning of Christmas :0) 



The Cinch Machine
The Cinch Designer Book Board
The Cinch Binding Wire
The Cinch Wire Clippers

Cupcake Challenge

This weeks challenge at The Cutting Cafe was to create a project using a cupcake template and file. My older brother's birthday is next month and it will be his 40th birthday so I decided to dedicate this challenge to my amazing brother. I love you Houtan <3

Cork Paper
White Paper
Black Paper
Red Paper
Foam Tape (to add dimension)

Planner Project

This weeks challenge at The Cutting Cafe was to create a CRAFT SUPPLY PLANNER SET OR THE DESIGN TEAM PLANNER SET.  I decided to create a DESIGN TEAM PLANNER SET to organize my craft ideas.  I LOVE organizing so this particular project was very FUN for me! I hope my project encourages you to get ORGANIZED :0)

Tab Dividers
Lots of white paper

Piggy Bank

This weeks challenge at The Cutting Cafe was to design a project using one of the treat cup cards template and cutting files . My daughter Joy has been obsessed with the story Three Little Pigs so I decided to create a piggy bank so she chooses wisely in life like the third little pig who built his house of bricks. She has memorized one of her favorite versions but added her own personal twist. Enjoy the performance :0)

Mason Jar
Mason Slotted Lid Inserts
Pink Paper
Pink Shimmer Paint
Pink Rig Rag Ribbon
Pink Twine
Black Ink

Basket Challenge

This weeks challenge at The Cutting Cafe is to create a basket so I decided to create my daughter Joy a crayon basket to hold her crayons. She created a special picture just for today's challenge. Visit The Cutting Cafe for more project ideas. Happy Crafting :0)


Red Button
Black & White Twin

Vending Machine Challenge

This weeks challenge at The Cutting Cafe was to create a vending machine. My favorite snack is goji berries because of the amazing taste and health benefits. My wish is that one day our society views snacking as an opportunity to feed our bodies with the amazing foods God has created for us from the beginning. My prayer is that our schools will be filled with vending machines that will feed their growing bodies with the nutrients they require so they can grow properly, learn at their full potential and feel their best daily. Each bite will either heal you or weaken you...what will you be snacking on next?

Grey Chalkboard Paper
Red & White Poke a Dot Paper
Gogi Berries

Easter Challenge

The latest challenge at The Cutting Cafe is creating a project for Easter using one of  the Easter templates. Hop on over to the The Cutting Cafe for more project ideas :0)

Embossing Folders
Oval Wood Plank

Lucky ME

The next challenge at The Cutting Cafe, is using any template to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I am not Irish, but I love celebrating this holiday because many days we forget how LUCKY we truly are, and how we all are given the pot of gold. We just need to stop looking and realize the GOLD is right in front of our face.  I am LUCKY to have a husband of gold who truly loves and appreciates me just the way I was created, and our beautiful daughter Joy, who has brought a full range of color and light into our life's. I do not need to look any further because my rainbow and pot of gold are right in my home.

Gold Glitter Spray Paint
6 Dimes
Family Photo

You've Got Style

My daughter Joy will be turning 8 years-old in March so I decided to throw her a Monster High Costume Party for her and her friends. I decided to create a mirror where the girls can view their face after their make-up is applied. I first started by painting the whole canvas pink, then adding black and silver paint with a sponge. Once the canvas fully dried, I glued the mirror to the canvas and added the rhinestones. Lastly, I printed and cut the Fun With Dress Forms Templates on printable transparent paper and adhered it to the mirror so the girls can see through the image. I hope my project has encouraged you to think outside the box when creating fun home decor projects. I am frightfully excited for my Joy's Monster High Party! It's going to be SPOOKTACULAR!!!

Printable Transparent Paper
Black, Silver & Pink Paint
14X14 inch Canvas
12X12 Mirror

Saving All My Kisses For You

Valentine's Day was the project this week at The Cutting Cafe so I decided to create a Valentine's gift. I first printed and cut the Hershey Kiss template on vinyl paper, and adhered it to the mason jar. Then I painted the whole mason jar with red spray paint. Once the paint was dry, I removed the vinyl paper, and dressed up the mason jar with with fabric and burlap ribbon. I then printed out the "saving all my kisses for you" template, and cut the image and pierced a hole. I then threaded black decorative trim through the image and wrapped it around the top of the mason jar. I finally added a burlap flower for an added touch. I hope I inspired you to create a beautiful gift for your loved one this Valentine's Day.

Red Spray Paint
Burlap Ribbon
Black Decorative Trim
Burlap Flower