Patriotic Project

Welcome to  this week's challenge at Bitten By the Bug 2!  The lovely Susan chose this week's challenge of a Patriotic project to celebrate Independence Day for our amazing country, Fourth of July! Though I was not born in this country, I have been a citizen for over ten years. During these troubling times in our nation, I remind myself how proud I am of our country, which was built only a few hundred years ago, and the impact it has had on the world. The biggest accomplishment I feel the USA has made is bringing all cultures, religions, and races into one country and living in a harmonious fashion. There are still countries today where their own people still cannot get along with themselves. I am proud to live in a country where my friends, neighbors, associates, and strangers are blessed with a rich background, and for that reason I am thankful to be an American. God Bless America!

50 Stars: Disney Hannah Montana Cricut Cartridge
United States of America: Stand and Salute Cricut Cartridge
3/4 inch Plywood cut 12 inch by 16 inch
Paint: Grumbacher Academy Acrylic (Raw Umber, Grumbacher Red, Titanium White), Liquitex Acrylic Color (Primary Blue) 
Paper: Black and White Cardstock
Mod Podge Matt

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