Lucky ME

The next challenge at The Cutting Cafe, is using any template to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I am not Irish, but I love celebrating this holiday because many days we forget how LUCKY we truly are, and how we all are given the pot of gold. We just need to stop looking and realize the GOLD is right in front of our face.  I am LUCKY to have a husband of gold who truly loves and appreciates me just the way I was created, and our beautiful daughter Joy, who has brought a full range of color and light into our life's. I do not need to look any further because my rainbow and pot of gold are right in my home.

Gold Glitter Spray Paint
6 Dimes
Family Photo


  1. MONA THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING PROJECT...i am so glad your designing with it and such a sweet picture.

  2. Such a creative and well done project..The gold really pops....Hugs, Krista

  3. Thank you so much Regina and Krista!!! I am thrilled to be on your team <3


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