Vending Machine Challenge

This weeks challenge at The Cutting Cafe was to create a vending machine. My favorite snack is goji berries because of the amazing taste and health benefits. My wish is that one day our society views snacking as an opportunity to feed our bodies with the amazing foods God has created for us from the beginning. My prayer is that our schools will be filled with vending machines that will feed their growing bodies with the nutrients they require so they can grow properly, learn at their full potential and feel their best daily. Each bite will either heal you or weaken you...what will you be snacking on next?

Grey Chalkboard Paper
Red & White Poke a Dot Paper
Gogi Berries


  1. mona what a fun project...i love the pattern paper you used...and I am so for eating healthy....great job

  2. Thank you Regina for your kind feedback :0)

  3. Your vending machine is BEAUTIFUL! I love the red paper with the red berries. I have never heard of these Gogi berries. I will have to look into them.

  4. CUTE! Here, we use the berries for boiling soup :)


I appreciate you taking time to view my project and leaving a kind comment. I hope I inspired you to create :0)